Well, as many people mentioned, there doesn’t seem to be much sleep
for new parents. Last night, Sean seemed to want to eat continually.
Occasionally, I would take him into the other room where Vanessa
couldn’t hear him cry so she could sleep a bit. Between the two
of us, we probably got a full night’s sleep, but half a night isn’t
much fun. This morning was my great diaper fiasco. As I tried
to change his diaper independently, he emitted substances in
every possible way. I got vaseline in his hair. Theoretically, the
vaseline isn’t really for the head. Well, he seems to be much
happier today. Vanessa’s mom (Lola as she now wishes to be called)
has helped us a great deal and we appreciate it. I begin to realize
that any projects I may have been working on will have to be put off
for a while. Ah well, saright.

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