We went to Malpais area near Grants yesterday. This time, we
were prepared to go into Junction Cave. (We didn’t have flashlights
with us last year.) Quite an interesting cave. The rock in the area is
lava rock. The entrance to the cave is just a big hole in the ground
(pictured above). We went to the end of the cave, about a quarter mile.
But we knew from the map we got at the ranger station that there is
another branch in the cave so we went through that too. Many parts of
the branch in the cave involve crawling on your belly. Some small rooms
in the cave looked like they had a lot of crumbling rock and a few
large cracks in the floor, which wasn’t too encouraging. Near the end of
the side branch of the cave, there was a huge boulder that looked like
it used to be the ceiling. We crawled around and under it and got to
the end. It was cold enough to see your breath down there even though
the weather was quite hot outside.

After a hike around the area near the cave, Kyle and Amanda parted ways
with us to go 4-wheeling. We went over to another area of the park and
tried to catch a lizard. He was too wily for us though.

At the end of the day, Vanessa and I ate supper at the Grants Pizza
Hut. As you enter, you’re greeted with the “aroma” of parmesan cheese
that’s been basking on the tables in the hot sun behind the windows. The
air-conditioning seemed to be inactive. As we got to the table, the
waitress brushed off the table a bit with her hand. Bathroom
“sanitation” was interesting. What am I, a health inspector? No green
sticker for you, one year!

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