Chris Coco made a radio documentary on the
of chillout
(alas, in evil realaudio format) Anyway, the category is somewhat
newly made-up, as most categories are at some point. But it should
be interesting enough. I brought some tiny PC speakers from home
and listen to BBC radio stations all day now. Ahoy!

Well, Vanessa continues to suffer the discomfort of pregnancy.
I think you could look at it as one big allergy with swelling.
Back pain, foot pain. Hard to sleep. Hard to walk around for long. Poor
This kid better have at least a 3 gigahertz processor.
We have somewhere around a month to go. Could be sooner. Could be
later. Hard to see these things are.

Unbreakable was on TV last night. Perhaps I don’t know much
about the extreme comic book fans, but do they really
have art gallery-like comic galleries where people have formal parties
and marvel at comic book drawings? Also, I was noticing that about half
of the commercials now are by drug companies. Odd.
I’ve got a long list of medications I should
ask my doctor about. Caravan and Megator and Laganon and Magneto and
Wolverine and Sabretooth.

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