Kiernan and Vince came over Saturday and we went to see Ghosts of the
Abyss in 3D. It’s a documentary about the Titanic. We wore special
polarized 3D glasses. The left eye had double vision, which was
distracting. It mainly had a problem when the camera was close to
something. Neat tele-robotic camera mini-subs. Kiernan had a bunch of
nifty video files he’d ripped from stuff recorded from TV. They were in
new Realvideo format, so he finally got me to get Realplayer One. I
carefully answered no to most of its checkboxes, but it still presents
me with popups all the time. “Hey, I know you weren’t interested in
buying Realplayer pro five minutes ago, but maybe now you are! How
about it, buddy buddy!” They got rid of the “seek to” menu option that
was in Realplayer 8.

Speaking of 3D, I downloaded the Nvidia Stereo 3D drivers for those
red-blue glasses. It worked ok in some games, but tended to make me a
bit queasy. More of a novelty because it’s not useable for long periods
of time.

In an effort to get the Misterhouse program working with speech
recognition, I downloaded the Microsoft
Speech SDK 5.1
. This is for those who don’t have Office and want to
try some speech recognition stuff. It has some neat toys that allow you
to dictate words to the computer as it types them in certain Microsoft
programs like Wordpad. Unfortunately, Misterhouse requires an older SDK
which isn’t available for Windows XP. Guess I’ll have to wait till they
fix it in misterhouse.

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