We just got back from an ultrasound and the baby is upside-up.
(He’s supposed to be upside-down.) Hey, Sean, I don’t know if
you get internet in there, but if you are reading this, we suggest
you turn over.

Ah, it’s been an interesting day so far. I’ve been fighting with
Oracle since Friday. (Someone finally got it working.)
At the post office, the scale wasn’t working so, what should
have been a 2 minute effort turned into a bunch of waiting in line.
My car’s air conditioner has turned into a heater.
I got behind a van in the parking structure at the hospital that
mysteriously just stopped in front of me and froze for a while. Outside
the front of the hospital, several cops were holding down a struggling
fellow who was making a big scene and saying,
“I just wanna go home!”

I messed up my Oracle installation at work. Oracle places
entries in multiple places in the registry and various directories.
Wonder why they do it this way.
I see the possibility of reinstalling Windows as the only hope.
Guess I’ve been spoiled, because it’s been a while since I’ve
Windows. bleh.

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