I managed to salvage the magnets from two more old hard drives. The screws
were some tiny Torx screws that you can’t seem to find the bits for. So
I opened them by force with a hammer pry thing. One of them was built like
a tank and I ended up breaking one of the magnets in the process. Why did
I work so hard to get the magnets? Well, they’re very good magnets. A small
one holds up the calendar on our refrigerator.
a news story about how printer companies rip you off on the cartridges.
Went on a bike ride from
my house near Central to the northern end of the bike path on Tramway and
back. I seem to have overestimated my abilities and the 2nd leg of the
ride was a real drag. But I made it. I even passed several old people walking
and some roller bladers ’cause I’m just that fast. After that, I went home
and replenished the calories I had used up…and added enough calories
for another two days or so.

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