Do you miss the anonymous usenet posting that was allowed by deja.com? 
Of course, you don’t want your main e-mail floating around usenet for the
spammers to pick up.  You can use newsone.net
to post.  Use junkbuster
to block their web ads.  Get a free e-mail address at some little-known
place like skateboard.com
to act as a functioning e-mail address.  (newsone detects when you
try to use a more popular one like hotmail.)
I was doing all of this to
post about the fact that the newest Quicktime plug-in won’t let you save
that .mov file you downloaded without buying Quicktime Pro for $30. Here‘s
an interesting article on similiar corporate shenanigans.  I’ve noticed
this a lot where content companies start using the newest version of software
to create their content.  This forces the end-user to download the
newest version of the player software to view the media which then bombards
them with advertisements and nags them to buy more expensive versions of
the media playing program.
An interesting fact…I get more spam in at my main e-mail address that I’ve tried so hard to keep
secret than I do in my throw-away hotmail account.

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