I was going to ride mountain bikes down Sandia with Doug Saturday, but
as we turned the corner into Tijeras canyon, we decided to turn the car
around because of suspicious clouds. We biked a bit in the foothills
and Doug blew past me going up the hills because his legs are about
twice the thickness of mine. Sure enough, it rained later that day, but
we were already inside by that time. Vanessa and I went to Japanese
grill and saw Finding Nemo. The
whale talking part made me giggle like a little school girl.
Then, yesterday, Vanessa and I biked on Tramway. We spent some time
gawking at the prairie dog farm near Indian School. It turned out this
was our undoing because we got caught in a torrential downpour. We were
soaked on the way back home. When you ride in water, your back tire
flicks water in a reverse skunk stripe up your back. Been a while since
that happened to me. But it was fun.

Vanessa made strawberry banana tofu smoothies last night. (diet food)
Anyway, it wasn’t too bad. A bit like drinking yogurt.

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