Yeah, so I’m talking about trivial stuff today. You know you love it! Oh
wait, you hate it…anyway, just think of me today as a young Larry King.
I always get cheap belts that crack within a short period of time after
buying them. My current belt, named Belty, is no exception. However, this
belt was special. It was a reversible belt. So after it cracked, I turned
it over. The other side has gone for years without cracking! It is invincible!
With this belt, I shall probably go undefeated in the belt competition
against my arch-nemesis in beltionomy, John.
I finally found a manual
for our X-10 alarm clock. Now I have it set to turn on the light when the
alarm goes off in the morning. It’s harder to keep sleeping when there’s
a bright light in your face. Also, we have Vanessa’s clock radio play Stereo
MC’s “Connected”. (If your mind’s neglected, stumble you might fall.)
They brought in a laser printer
cartridge here at work. The box is the size of my printer at home.
I just realized I seem to
have worked for outfits with 3-letter acronyms so far. UNM, TRW and now,
PNM. Well, that is, unless you go back to the jobs before that… then
my record is ruined. Taco Bell, Albertson’s, Country Club Gardens, Park
Well, this cold I have seems
to be on its way out. Advice on cold medicine: Actifed worked well. I took
the last one and it worked. I wanted to get some more. I looked at the
box and noticed it was dated 1996. Don’t know if they are even making it
anymore. Anyway, I got some Drixoral which seems to do nothing.

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