And now, I’d like to take a moment to mock the cold I just got over.
You call yourself a cold?
Why, I’ve seen tougher viruses in a box of cracker jacks! Three days? Is
that all you got? Just a little orange juice and you’re down for the count?
You ain’t nothin’! You thought that stinging in the nose-throat at the
beginning would intimidate me? Ha! I was on to you from the start! Don’t
know where you came from…whether it was a door-knob or a mouse…but
you musta eaten too many Doritos and become weak and lazy before you came
my way. Yeah, you just found a weak immune system that had consumed too
much junk food and sweets for a few consecutive days and thought you’d
hop aboard. Last mistake you ever made.
(Now, the cold’s bigger
brother, mutation 235WNBVO239072NLEIP529873, will probably be coming after
me. Everybody knows, you don’t mess with the 235 cold family. Anyways,
I’m thankful to be over this one.)

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