It’s the new Konami karaoke game that’ll be coming out on PS2,
Karaoke Revolution!

Ah, I finally found a free multi-track recorder program!
Audacity. (Thanx, Josh)
It’s open source software. What’s a multi-track recorder? Well,
for example, you could record yourself singing the soprano to a song,
the alto, the tenor and the bass. All at once. It’s pretty much
vital for a band trying to record a song. That is, unless the band
is good enough to actually play the song live and I don’t think I’ll
ever get to that point.

I went through trying to help my cousin install Gimp
last night. It’s an open source free paint program like Photoshop.
They make the installation very confusing. I dunno if it’s just on accident
or because they like to try to get people to read instructions carefully.
(If you are trying to install Gimp on windows, you just download the GTK
and then the Gimp package itself.) I’ll tell you right now most Windows
users couldn’t care less about compiling stuff or source code. They want
the simple DOWNLOAD HERE button and they want it on the front page.

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