Great…now ofoto.com is forcing people to give them their e-mail address to look at your pictures. (I assume they want it for spam.) Another one bites the dust, in my opinion. Well, time to look for the next free net photo storage service until it also goes down. Everything free on the net has proven to be impractical though, business-wise…oh well. It was nice while it lasted.

You know, trade publications must be the most exciting magazines around.

Take this, for example. Imagine having fiscal quarter after fiscal quarter of metering action delivered right to your cubicle. And this one takes on bold issues that other magazines wouldn’t dare to touch, like tariffs.

I left my hard drive at home defragmenting overnight. As of this morning it was only about half-way done.

Ya know? Coffee is really good when you dump loads of sugar in it. Of course, so is most anything.

Went to the mum-in-law’s last night. She and Vanessa were practicing for an upcoming Filipino dance performance where they balance little pots on their heads. They seemed to be doing pretty well in the rehearsal so far. Me brother-in-law had sent a VCD (video CD) that they had put together. It played in the DVD player which was cool. It had a menu and everything. VCD looks like a pretty cool idea to distribute video to relatives like that. But I assume you need either a vid card with video in or a digital camcorder and computer with firewire.

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