We went to a Filipino potluck at the park Saturday. I believe
it was Filipino Independence Day. There was
a great deal of meat and pancit. Someone even brought a salad!
There was also spiffy Filipino
lounge music
playing. (mjpeg codec video may require Windows Media Player 9 (not 8) see store for details)
Then, yesterday, Ethan and I got a bit more done on our show.
We seem to be going for speed over quality. I think
we’re more interested in learning the process than anything else.
(Mental note: set up fusion reactor next time you want to try to light
a blue screen.)
Finally got a picture of Sean set up as my desktop background
at work so that when somebody says, “Any new pics of the baby?” Bam!

Watched a show about the design and building of London’s sewers
in the 1800s. My new favorite old-school word is miasma.
As in, “These onion rings are emitting a vociferous miasma
of acrid vapour. I think I should faint.” Apparently, the London
cholera outbreaks were caused, in part, by eels getting
stuck in the water works and dying.
Another thing I saw recently discussed the three mile island
nuclear reactor incident. As I understand it, the whole
incident could have been avoided if a little paper tag
weren’t covering a crucial warning light. A real-life
It seems that, once again, Comcast is showing a preview of
VH1 Classics on Channel 24. Huzzah! (except for when
they’re showing hair bands or 70s stuff. They seem
to have moments of extreme quality and moments where
I’d rather watch some home shopping network. Do we
really need to see an acoustic version of “The Final Countdown”?
(just kidding))

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