I just found out that there are a few interesting tech things based
in Albuquerque. The Ogg Theora (open-source video format)
guy is here. The founder of Gentoo (Linux distribution) is from here.
The Five12 Company (Mac MIDI sequencer) is here.
Bill Gates
and Microsoft were here briefly. And the remaining Atari 2600 ET
cartridges are buried in New Mexico. Ok, I’m kinda reaching on a few of these.

I walked through an alley on my way to another office just now and there
were a couple of guys chopping up a computer with an axe. Now that looks like
fun! (I’ve been fighting with a bug in Video Deluxe 2.0 that causes DV audio to
get out of sync, so the idea of using an axe on a computer seems a good one. Yeah, I
tried the 48 KHz sound thing.)
A police officer nearby told them, “You city boys better be careful with that axe!”

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