Rio Rancho is getting wireless internet available for $30 a month.
Apparently, there’s some picnic for it tomorrow.

Vanessa mentioned recently that Nintendo is releasing a package of NES classics on Gameboy Advance
like Super Mario Bros., Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Excitebike. I saw them in the store last night. They decided
to do it the ripoff way and split them up into separate cartridges…when they could
easily have put them all on one GBA cart. I see that SNK is doing a similar thing with
the Metal Slug series on Xbox, only putting one Metal Slug game on a $40 disk when they could
easily fit the whole Metal Slug series on one DVD. Cheapo. Come on, these games are at least
10 years old…ancient in videogame years.

Here, have a video, peoples.
It’s Float On by Modest Mouse.
(Microsoft proprietary streaming format, high bandwidth.)

I finally installed
Firefox as my default browser at home.
All the spyware and
adware targets Microsoft Internet Explorer and often ignores other browsers.
Ah, the internet, where popularity is your downfall. Make a popular web
browser and everyone will target it with spyware. Have a popular website
and you won’t be able to afford the bandwidth.

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