The National telemarketer do-not-call
opens up today for sign-up.
Good luck getting to it, since it’s being swamped. Doesn’t matter since
it doesn’t
go into effect until October 1st. The annoying thing is that political
charitable telemarketers are exempt.

Check out Moloko’s new video under the VIDEO tab on this page
The singer in the video is dancing, but it’s this weird casual dance
like it
was hastily put together and she’s not trying very hard. Odd, that.

Google’s new tooldbar
out in beta form. I’m giving it a try. It supposedly blocks pop-ups and
has a blog button. Speaking of toolbars, why does every novice computer
browser have the Yahoo browser toolbar? Yahoo must be pretty sneaky
about how
they get it on there.

We found Bookworm
for Pocket PC
Vanessa wants the full version already. It feels weird paying for
software on something the size of a calculator,
like you’re not quite getting your money’s worth just because it’s
small. Maybe that’s just a something to which I take umbrage. Yay! I
used “umbrage” in a sentence…probably incorrectly!
We’ll prolly get the PocketBible NIV
on it too.

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