I figured something out in Blender by reading through the Blender forums.
If you are having trouble finding the actor button for an object
in the Logic screen, you must select the sumo physics model for the
world. It defaults to none, so nothing will happen to your mesh without
selecting a physics model.

I was doing this
Blender particle tutorial last night. The interface has changed a bit since the tutorial was written
so there were one or two things in the tutorial that I couldn’t find in Blender. But I learned
some things anyway. Blender is full of shortcut keys that you forget if you don’t use
it regularly.

Looking at a dental bill recently, I realized that
Delta Dental
doesn’t pay for white resin fillings…only for the ugly silver ones.
Wow, thanks, Delta…you’re too kind. Congratulations on your big step backwards.
I assume when I get older, I’ll find they only pay for wooden dentures.

I also may
have solved the lack-of-blue problem on our camcorder. I turned it to the party lighting setting.
Finally, my blue screens are coming through as blue rather than that dreadful
gray that won’t work for blue screens.

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