Walking near our house, we saw this sign.    Strange that it was next to
several baseball fields. 

That’s interesting.
Bollywood movies, Thursdays in June on Turner Classic Movies
channel. The most common theme in these movies seems to be forbidden love.

Computer, Hostess
fruit pie. Cherry. Hmm, where’s the closest place to work I can get
these things? They seem to be sold mainly by convenience stores for
some reason. I like to call them “hand pies”. Ah, there’s nothing like
one of these and a Cherry Pepsi to get you late into a night of gaming.
Plus, you get your week’s worth of caloric intake in five minutes! Can
ya beat that? When I find a vending machine that has them, it’s all
over. I’d pull a Jerry Lewis.
Ah, but don’t get down on the guy. It was
his medication what done it to him. Apparently, he did a lot of
pratfalls during his career and one night fell on a microphone right on
his spine. Messed up nerves and serious pain medication followed.

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