What is the narrator in DDRMAX2 saying when he says something like “ashtalawarsa”.

My friend, Kelly, said he has his diaper-changing times down to 30-90 seconds.
I will tell you, that is quite fast.

I hear that the WEP encryption on wireless routers is easily bypassed.
Fortunately, my cheapo D-Link router seems to have a built-in security
measure that causes the entire router to fail after using the wireless
for a little while. Thanks, D-Link! Ah, the luck I’ve had with routers.

It seems, after all, that my setup for blue screen video just isn’t
good enough. I guess the kitchen lights just won’t do. Seems
we must use actual sunlight. Only problem is that some of
the blue screen stuff we’d be filming would look pretty odd to the neighbors.
Ethan says we should just go for it, but they’re not his neighbors!

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