We rented Treasure Planet the other day. Must resist saying it…
Aarrrgh, the nerd comes through! HOW DO THEY BREATHE IN SPACE?
This reminds me, watch those gift cards…they’re designed to expire
or start knocking big bucks off if you don’t use them quickly enough.
The Blockbuster card had already expired. Businesses get a huge surplus
from unused gift cards and gift certificates every year.

Well, we gamed Saturday. I had a scare with my hard drive.
I suspect that it may die on me and I no longer trust it. It booted
up beeping. I took it out and I guess that was enough to move
it around and get it working. While gaming, we met an opponent on
the internet with the alias, dredpirate or somesuch. Vince
spouted, ”
” in the Andre (who has a posse) voice,
which made me giggle.

Sunday, there were many visiting the
congregation from out of town. It were Holly’s graduation.
She played the piano very well at a recital that seemed to include
everyone she knows. 🙂 I tried to point out a relation to
the end of the Muppet Movie where all the muppets show up, but
I was met with blank stares. Holly is like my 4th or 5th cousin
once or twice removed or somesuch. This means she shares 1/256th
my DNA or somesuch. The recital made me recall that most of
my knowledge of classical music is from Warner Brothers cartoons.

The other day, I was the victim of a low-quality fruit pie.
Albertsons brand…and I’ve bought them before so I should have known!
I wanted to go into Albertsons and show them their stinky (literally) pie vs.
a Dolly Madison, the crown prince of the fruit pie world.
Here is the Albertsons pie…diminutive in size with a distinct unpleasant
odor. Here is the Dolly Madison, carefully shellacked with transparent
icing and nearly twice the size of the former. Bigger, bolder, rougher,
tougher. In other words there is no other.

Grrr…at work, they never replaced the
good coffee container and now someone hid the decaf coffee container
so the Caffeinites can’t lay hold on it. Where’s me treasure? Arrr!

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