As a dad, I’m finding out that, not only does little Sean have a lot
of laundry from the various things he does, but so do I. It’s a lucky
day of one of my shirts makes it through without getting spit up on.

It was a pretty amazing ride to work on the interstate. A car some
distance ahead of me looked like he was too impatient to slow down behind a semi
so he swerved to go around him and lost control. He went off to
the right and slammed into the rail. I dunno if it was the same
car that ended up slamming into the rail in the left lane but I went
right through the middle of it all and narrowly missed clipping the
vehicle on the left. Unfortunately, it was all in a construction
area with barriers on the shoulder and, by the time I could pull
over it was a mile later
and there wasn’t much point in just sitting there so I came on to
work. The semi that it all happened behind just cruised on ahead.
I don’t know if he even knew it all happened. Anyway, it was
pretty amazing to drive right through the middle of all of it
without a scratch.

I flashed my old D-Link router with a
new firmware
version that I hope
will fix all my problems with it. (It took them 6 months
to produce a firmware that actually works, I guess…ship
the product now, make it work later.)
Thus, I’d be able to take the Linksys back to the store.

I went to Sonic last night to get hotdogs fo da family.
I got 2 44 ounce drinks helpfully placed in a narrow-bottomed
drink holder. It took about 5 seconds of driving to
dump a 44 ounce beverage into the passenger side
floor. I sense that the car will forever smell like
cherry limeade.

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