The realtor just called and said they’ve started framing the house earlier
than expected.  The house could be done as early as labor day. 
This will make it easier with the animals after we get married.  We
had been expecting to live in the apartment for a month after we get married
but now that may not be necessary.  Now the chickens will not have
to roost on my head.  (Ok, there are no chickens.)
According to the 7-Eleven

In the tradition of super-sizing, 7-Eleven introduced the Slurpee Triple Splitz-O? cup with
three chambers for holding different flavors of the Slurpee frozen beverage.
Also, 7-Eleven released the new 52-ounce X-Treme Gulp? insulated refillable
mug, designed for six hours of ice-cold refreshment.

52 ounces of carbonated beverage?  Most people probably can’t even lift that much…especially those who would
tend to drink such a thing.  However, in the recesses of my mind,
some small stupid part of me wants to see if I am up to the task of consuming
52 ounces of Dr. Pepper.  Hopefully, the fact that it’s physically
impossible should deter me.  If only they could combine this with
the Monster XL mentioned below…They’d say something like, “The new Super
Soaker Monster X-treme refreshment delivery system injects 162 ounces of
ice-cold refreshment straight into your esophagus.  It is simply the
most efficient way to get maximum carbonated beverage into your stomach
in minimum time.  It also has three chambers for holding different
Slurpee flavors for greater variety.  A veritable torrent of tasty
ice-cold choices at your fingertips.”  Mmm boy.

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