I was watching some old Sinbad movie last week with Tom Baker as the
bad guy
and Zod as Sinbad. Odd, that. In case you didn’t know, Tom Baker
is to Dr Who (Brit sci-fi show) as William Shatner is to Star Trek (but
with less ham.)

I finally finished my first full game of Bookworm on the PDA and my
score didn’t
even get close to Vanessa’s high score. You can play bookworm here
(flash). Just drag
your mouse over the letters to make words. No timer, no stress (until
the burning
tiles start flooding in.) It’s as much fun as Solitaire.

slurpee day at 7-11
. I got one last year. They’re a little
larger than a shot glass. More of a sample than an actual serving.
Today, they just gave me blank stares…one cashier said she hadn’t
heard of it and
the other said they aren’t doing that this year. I guess the keyword is
PARTICIPATING 7-eleven stores. There is probably a single participating
in northern Wyoming.

Want some old arcade sound samples? Here are some zip
files that include
samples from many old arcade games. My new shutdown sound is Qbert
going, “EWwwwwwwwwwwp”.

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