We went to visit my gramma in El Paso. I hadn’t realized
that Juarez is right up against El Paso and they are divided
by the Rio Grande river. My uncle there is a train engineer and apparently
when the border patrol checks the trains he’s driving, people sometimes
just scatter all over. We had some Texas BBQ and went to a pecan orchard.
I forgot to try yelling out, “The stars at night are big and bright…”
to see if I got the proper response. For the trip, I recorded some BBC 6 Music
documentary on electronica in mp3. You can use Audacity
to record the wave out mix from anything playing on your computer and then
compress it down to mp3. That’s how you can convert silly proprietary
formats like realaudio into nice useable mp3. Sure, you lose a bit of
quality, but hey, you got BBC radio in yer car. Who cares?

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