The BBC Radio 1 website has an interesting feature. On each page
(like this
they have a link that says, “Talk to people looking at this page.”) I
tried it but it’s an interesting idea if it works.

The Natural History museum here has a dome theater. A local film making

put on a contest where they accepted computer animated submissions to
be projected in the dome.
A very nice idea! Kiernan
submitted a brief video. We had a great time seeing his video
projected up on the dome with an audience watching. Some of the
animations almost make
you motion sick. Nice. The rendered files sometimes turn out to be
terabytes of data when the
resolution is that high. Kiernan actually shipped his animation on a
hard drive but it
crashed by the time it got to them. He burned it to 30 CDs after that.
And that was only
one minute of animation.

We saw the movie Holes this weekend
at the $2 theater. Interesting movie. Creative.

Take a look at this
(Microsoft streaming video)
if you’re on high bandwidth. Two Japanese guys play Ping Pong with
nifty 3-D freeze-frame rotating action shots
without the use of a computer or camera tricks.
Very creative! Also, makes me giggle.

We started playing ISketch. It’s
like pictionary online.

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