Ah, this is good to know. The screen on the gameboy advance is actually just a covering over the real screen. The  replacement is only $4. I was worried that my GBA was scuffed beyond repair.

I had always wondered if I live to be old and if I approach senility, whether technology could help. There are cases like this where it might. I could picture it…in my old age, every time I pick up the phone, a computer voice would remind me not to give out my bank account number to anyone. (Scam artists somehow get hold of your phone number when you reach 80.) “It’s your son. His name is Proteus.” A computer would keep track of where I’ve put everything. “Your glasses are on the nightstand.” A robot brings them to me. “Time for your tai chi. I don’t care if you don’t feel like it! Do it now!” And so the computer would get me back for the way I treat them nowadays. Not that they don’t already with the extremely high rate of failure in every computer I touch. Great…I’d be 90 and the computer that reminds me to eat my neo-carrot crashes.

I relearned bicycle lesson #1 the other day. Bikes can’t stop very fast…especially road bikes. I was about to cross an intersection on the crosswalk and a big pickup turns right. I had to stop as quickly as possible.  Then, when I had finally skidded to a stop, being the novice road biker that I am, I forgot that my shoes were clipped  on to the pedals as I began to fall over (all in slow motion). The chain came off the gear, but otherwise, no real damage done except for me feeling stupid.

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