I was just thinking about something that’s kinda scary about CD keys in
You can’t resell them after you’re not playing them anymore. Who’s
gonna trust
that you’re not still using the CD key? Or, why should you trust anyone
to use it if they’re selling the game on ebay.

You want Wrath of Khan sound samples? YOU GOT WRATH OF KHAN SOUND

I think this is probably the most-quoted movie between Vince and I. Here’s one of my

Vanessa and I were talking about phrenology. It
was a quackery science in the 1800s that claimed you could tell
someone’s criminal tendencies from
the shape of their head. I think my friend Kelly is most certainly a
criminal of some kind, phrenologically speaking. Someone needs
to setup one of those dorky web quizzes to give you a phrenological
Then you could put a banner on your page saying, “My brow is large!
Watch your back!”

Hmm, we need more bands with the word “cold” in them. So far, there’s
Coldplay, Coldcut and
(of Output Recordings.)

Mozilla Composer continues to have problems on our computers at home.
Mozilla Composer freezes when trying to load a webpage using FTP.
Wonder if
it’s the Java machine. Is there no good free html composer out there?

My cousin in Alaska and I have tried several voice chat programs while
games. We tried Yahoo Messenger,
Teamspeak and Microsoft Gamevoice. The verdict?
Yahoo Messenger worked the best but still caused too much game lag over
his modem, so
we gave up and just typed from the game.

You ever hear that 80s song that goes, “I’m only human. Of flesh and
blood, I’m made.”
And then there’s that part that goes (in a really high falsetto) “I am
just a MAAAAN.” I dare you to sing that falsetto part without giggling.

A few miscellaneous pictures of late…The Home
Shopping Network Website

allows you to enter your figure, skin color, etc. and creates a virtual
model of you.
Here is Vanessa and her computerized double. The cicadas are
it seems…or at least the dead ones
are. I walked
by this car which was riddled
with bullet holes.
Ever wonder what happens when you leave icecream from Stone Cold Creamery out in
the sun for several days? I found this
sample in a nearby parking lot.

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