Someone should survey Windows users. (I assume it’s been done.) I’d guess
that at least 90% of them have something faulty about their Windows machines.
Mine would be that it crashes when I try to install media player. It insists
on showing the login screen (yes, I always hit enter with no password).
It hangs on shutdown and doesn’t always shutdown properly. I’ve never owned
a Windows machine that worked to my satisfaction without crashing constantly.
Thus, Apple’s advertising campaign begs you to switch.
THE MOUSE STILL ONLY HAS ONE BUTTON! Unfortunately, they neglect to mention
that you won’t be able to play the newest games if you switch to Apple.
of Apple is usually too expensive. ONLY ONE BUTTON? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?
And so, gamers suffer on with Windows, thinking each time that the next
driver or the next release of Windows will cure their problems. Anyway,
Microsoft quits supporting older versions of Windows which eventually forces
people to upgrade if they want to install new software. For example, Windows
95 no longer supports the new releases of Direct X which is necessary for
new games and Media Player. I will be amazed if I ever get a fully functional
Windows machine.
Vanessa and I plan to go
to Mesa Verde this weekend. Perhaps
hike a bit near Durango too.
A dilemma on the freeway:
you want to keep a safe distance from the car in front of you in case they
stop suddenly. But when you increase this distance by slowing down, people
behind you get irritated and pass you to get in front of you. They cut
in too close to be safe so you have to move back further. You could continue
at 10 mph below the speed limit this way. Of course, nobody does this…which
is why pile-ups are so spectacular.

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