I just got the weirdest spam ever. It uses just about the same trick Marty McFly used on his dad with the headphones in Back to the Future. I think it shows the level of gullibility in those who respond to spam.

A bible study with Patricia and Walen and us this evening. Walen has been giving her the Cliff’s Notes version of the old testament. If the old testament were a novel, it’d be the thickness of War and Peace, at least. Nevertheless, he’s been able to summarize it pretty quickly.

Grrr, the new version of AIM with file transfer behind firewalls breaks the old version of DeadAIM. The new version of DeadAIM is $5 rather than free. DeadAIM is a program that’s supposed to break the ads in AIM. But it’s all ok because the new version of AIM installed “AOL for Broadband” icons all over the place.

Those TV Land spots are pretty funny. Last night, they did a viewer mail that said,
Dear Macguyver. My bird is hungry. What do I do?
Macguyver clip: Unscrew the inside of an ordinary pen and whatdya got? Bird feeder.
It made no sense whatsoever.

I played my first multi-player game of Rise of Nations with brother-in-law, Kyle yesterday. He layeth the smack down. The night before, I was in voice conference with 2 cousins and the other brother-in-law playing an old-fashioned game of Starcraft. They layeth the smack down on my team.

I rode my bike to Tijeras around 2 PM, Saturday on Route 66. Bad timing…broiling hot. It’s probably about 15 miles round-trip…not that far on a road bike, but it sounds like I rode to another town. I’m not sure if Tijeras isn’t technically just a suburb of Albuquerque. It’s drudgery riding uphill on the way over there, but the trip back is quite fun with the high speeds.

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