Went to Virginia with Vanessa to visit some of her relatives this past
week.  We went to the beach of course.  The water was wonderfully
warm and I body surfed which was great fun…even if I looked stooopid. 
Weird gel blobs (not jellyfish) and interesting crabs in the sand. 
We went to the Thoroughgood
, Virginia Marine Science Museum,
Wisconsin/Nauticus museum
, Cape
Henry Lighthouse
, Vanessa’s old hood, Norfolk
Botanical Gardens
, Busch
and King’s Dominion
amusement parks.  Those 3D simulator rides are getting very impressive.
roller coaster
was terrific…0-80 in 1.8 seconds…fires you straight
up a curve and then back down.  Anyway, here
are the pictures from the trip.  You can see in some of them us dealing
with some crabs after they bought a bushel of them.  I even helped
throw the live crabs in the boiling pot.  I feel so cruel!  If
you can identify the gel blobs we are holding in our hands on the beach, I’ll give you…well
nothing but I’d appreciate it.  (No, we don’t think they’re jellyfish….they
were up to 1/2 inch thick.)  Also, I picked up a barong
for the wedding at a store there.

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