As I find new legal mp3s on the net, many of them are from non-famous people.
Much of it turns out to be kinda generic techno. These days, I’m trying to avoid
the pretty generic stuff I used to like. Unless there is something interesting
in the song, I’m deleting them. To tell the truth, a simple loop playing over and
over isn’t very interesting.

Well, it’s router round 12 for us. We’re trying a Linksys WRT54G…the same
one we tried buying last time and had to return because it lagged in my game.
This one doesn’t seem to have this problem. I trust routers as far as I can throw
them. I’ve been through all the brands except Cisco and they’ve all failed me in
one way or another.

As a “teambuilding” event at work, we went to the zoo. Beforehand,
we had a contest to see who could construct an egg protector out of paper
and tape. Our egg did not make it when thrown across the street. The winning
designs rapped the entire roll of scotch tape around their holder.
Once inside, the groups split up. I went into the reptile building
and had it all to myself! It was quite peaceful looking at the reptiles without
any rude kids shoving.

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