Ah, the weird problem with Comcast’s FTP servers is solved. They changed the name of the FTP server to mywpages.comcast.net instead of mywebpages.comcast.net. Thanks for letting us know, Comcast. Worst…Support…Ever. They have more changes to the server names coming, they said in an e-mail.

He he. DDR Russian propaganda photoshop.

It’s insane how many subscription cards they put in magazines. Before I read a magazine, I have to go through about 5 sections where they’ve put in silly fliers and subscription cards to rip them out and toss them.

Ah, it’s the NIV bible on 7 mp3 CDs. Non-dramatized version. $45.

I put a daily reminder just before lunchtime to tell myself, “Don’t drink soda.” But now I’m like, “You can’t tell me what to do. You’re not the boss of me!”

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