A tip to help avoid identity theft…have your checks printed with your
rather than your full name. A thief won’t know exactly how to sign the

a site where you can search to see if that CD you’re about to buy
is put out by the RIAA. In case ya didn’t know, the RIAA is the
with all the overhead and the reason CDs are approaching the cost of
But since the RIAA produces 90% of stuff you find on CD, good luck
much of anything that’s not. I doubt this would stop me from buying
any particular CD, but it’s interesting to know. And if the CD isn’t
put out by the RIAA, it’s a little cooler. The Emperor Norton label
seems to be non-RIAA.

Ethan came over and I setup Mozilla for him to edit his webpage and
setup the synchronization for his Palm PDA. Someone set us up the bomb!

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