Listening to a CD of free mp3s culled from the web. Yes, it can be done
legally…but it can take a lot of work to find stuff you like rather than
low-quality recordings of some guy at his PC with a bad mic. Most of these
are from mp3.com I assume this CD has
relatively low RIAA content. I’m also
beginning to convert Vanessa’s CDs to mp3 CDs as well. Dat’s a lotta work!
Yesterday we just went to
a nearby street and watched fireworks from a distance. We made hamburgers
for dinner. Tall hamburgers packed with good stuff. I am still full. Not
as full as Takeru
, though. He’s a Japanese dude (pretty small guy) who won
yesterday’s world hot dog eating contest by eating 50.5 hotdogs. That just
can’t feel good. 
On Iron Chef last night,
one of the judges was a Hawaiian sumo wrestler. They ate fried sushi. Eh!!??
It was a bit disappointing because Morimoto lost to a cocky American cook,
Bobby Flay. Some little American girl in the audience was rooting for Morimoto
and even had a mini-costume like his. She was crushed.

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