I commenced to ruminatin’ on trying out emusic.
You have to give them a credit card number just to start, though. I hate
it when companies make you do that. They truly don’t need to hold your
credit card number hostage. They can just lock you out of your account
if you don’t pay. Why can’t they just get the number when you are at the
end of your trial period if you decide to continue? Anyway, they generally
have the right idea. Independent labels and mp3 format that can be played
on our mp3 CD player in the car…at a reasonably low price (15$ per month).
Perhaps the independent labels will flock to them. Anyway, a friend is
trying it out. We’ll see how it goes with him.
Vanessa and I were joking
about potential names for a kid. We came up with Proteus Magnus Alter.
Was watching Tour de France
a bit before work (along with Different Strokes…gotta love picture-in-picture)
Kinda odd that there doesn’t seem to be any coverage of the tour on CNN’s
website. I was watching it on some nobody network called OLN. We just started
getting the National Geographic channel.
I finished ripping Vanessa’s
CDs over the weekend. There’ll be a bunch of songs she didn’t know she
had, I think…she seems to get CDs for a single song sometimes.
I managed to get up to a
B pretty reliably on the new Afronova in DDR.
I don’t like the grading in Konamix. Everything’s a B…from “you were
horrible and just barely caught up at the end of the song” to “You got
all perfects and greats and only missed once”.

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