On 6 Music, I was hearing an acoustic version of Days Go By.
Doesn’t that kinda defeat the whole purpose? Instead of vocoders and cool synths,
it’s boring acoustic guitars and sounds just like anything else. Lesson learned:
don’t dump the only thing that makes your music interesting.

Along the lines of the Super Mario Brothers electric guitar guy,
here is the
Mario piano guy. By the way, you can have
freecache.org take the bandwidth hit for you
on large or popular files. First, you put the file up on your site and then you give people a link
like this. http://freecache.org/http://mysite.com/hugefile.mpeg Their site downloads the
file from your site and then serves it up after that.

Apparently, The Terminal is based loosely on the
story of an Iranian guy at
the Paris airport who’s lived at the airport since 1988. Now, with free
wireless internet in many airports and the fact that they’re open 24 hours
a day, an airport might not be a bad place to live. Well, maybe not.

Going to try free wireless internet at the main library today.
Here is info about what Albuquerque
is doing to promote free wireless in libraries and the airport and so on…pretty cool.

update: I tried it and got to their welcome webpage but then the connection was kinda sporadic.
Could be our super-cheap Belkin wireless card.

We’re headed off to El Paso this weekend to let gramma see Sean.

Another musical fact today. Josh pointed out to me that
Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is actually just
them singing on a vocoder over a much older song… Cola Bottle Baby by Edwin Birdsong.

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