Last night on MacGuyver,
he sets up this complex looking trap for the bad guy that looks like
it’s gonna be a Rube Goldberg
machine with a ruby laser and all kinds of pulleys and electricity and
stuff. He tricks
the bad guy into coming into the building. Bad guy walks over to
trap and…the folding roof of the little carnival stand bonks the guy
on the head and
they cuff him. How anticlimactic.
I was also watching a bit of the World Rally Championship
on TV.
Ya know, Bo and Luke Duke could have learned a thing or two from these
If you’ve never seen rally racing, two guys fly through dirt roads and
as fast as they can without flying off the curves. They’re going so
that the navigator has to give turn by turn instructions from the
passenger seat.
I’m not usually a race fan of any kind but this is just plain exciting.

We ordered a ProtecTV.
It watches the closed captioning on movies/TV for cursing and mutes the
volume. We’ll see how
it works.

Me brother-in-law’s 30th birthday was yesterday. He are old. But he
said to me, “You’ll always be older.” My sister has big news.
She is with child. Ah, Uncle Nathan. I like the sound of it.

The super-geek-cousin-party was a smashing success…if you happen to
call computer games until 5:30 AM a success. The next day, we stopped
by CompUSA where we saw 3DMark running on a 3.2 GHz computer
on an Apple 23 inch flat screen display. We sat there drooling
at the demos as they ran in some insanely high resolution.
Hey Apple, I hope you’re reading my begging
I shall console myself by thinking of the drawbacks of the 23-inch
It would take 2 hours to drag your mouse across that much real estate.
For the same price, you could buy ten cheap 19″ monitors and have
12,800 X 1024.

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