8/12/2002 lunch

Once again, it was wrap day. We went grocery shopping last night, and in a great hustle of organization, we cut
up the veggies at the beginning of the week instead of 2 minutes after we were supposed to leave for work in the mornings.
So, we have a variety of veggies available for lunches and no excuse to avoid them. (My fingers still smell
like onions.) In fact, it was a vegetarian lunch.
I drank the new Sobe Mr. Green soda. Kindof an odd Dr. Pepper-like drink. I liked it at first but it began to
get less pleasant as I drank more. I think people become very attached to the sodas they are accustomed to.
And yet, it grew on me later on in the day a bit. It has some flavor that I can’t quite place…kind of cinammon
but not sure.

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