Another product!  You’d think I’m being sponsored!  It’s
Pocky G!  Watch the commercials.

The new green
guacamole Doritos are pretty good…as the growing green slime crust
on my keyboard can attest to.

I was listening to XFM (London) over the net. They had some segment
called something like
“Richard Bacon evokes an international response”. The DJ made the
claim, “Foreigners never
use fabric conditioner.” He read my email on the air.
“Here in the US, we use fabric softener quite a lot. We like our
fabrics soft and sweet-smelling. After staining a shirt with gravy,
lard, oil, mayonnaise, grease, chilli and syrups of various kinds from
Taco Bell, McDonalds, Del Taco and Burger King as we are prone to do,
there’s nothing like a shirt fresh for a new day.”

We visited the grandparents and me aunt’s family in Peralta last night.

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