Vanessa got free movie tickets from her workplace so we went to see Spy
Kids 2
. It had some funny bits…and imaginative stuff again. Seemed
like the director was wanting to do all the cool stuff he’d ever thought
of in a movie…maybe at the sacrifice of some editing…but still, interesting
movie. For example, everything in the movie had at least a pseudo-scientific
explanation…but then at one point in the movie, the kids can read eachothers’
minds and skeletons come to life…with pretty much no explanation. 
So, just remember that the
movie isn’t that serious, I guess. Afterwards, we tried DDR 4th Mix at
the theater arcade. First time we’ve ever tried the arcade machine. I think
it looks more like you know what you’re doing when you’re on a platform
stomping in rhythm to the music. Your steps make a lot more noise than
the soft pads at home. When our game was over and we stepped off, we were
a bit embarrassed because there were four people watching us. After that,
we went to Cold Stone Creamery
around the corner for icecream. Double Dutch with Kit Kats. Icecream gets
no better.
Vanessa’s leaving this job.
No more Saturday and evening shifts for her! Woot!

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