Here is my review of the SI-Link FM transmitter that you buy at Best Buy.
Piece of junk. We foolishly bought our second one, hoping that the failure
of the first was a fluke. It wasn’t. The cable seems to be held in place
by chewing gum and loses its connection one day after Best Buy’s return
policy allows return.

My google search question that found my page of the moment is,
“What problems does an Italian sauce businesss face?” Well,
the answer is complex, but I think I can boil it down to one word.

We went to see my sister and family’s new place in the mountains. A great looking
area for biking and hiking. Huzzah! I learned to mask for painting. I’d seen that
term in paint programs and I guess I learned what it means in real life.

We went to Ta Lin Supermarket this weekend. They used
to be an Asian grocery store but they’ve moved into a huge
building with much more selection from more countries. It’s the sort of
grocery store that makes you wish you had a thousand dollars to blow.
One hopes they might survive against Walmart through specialization.
I got a Hawaiian canned coffee drink so I could see what the Japanese are raving about.
Tastes like coffee…cold coffee. Not bad.

Friday we went to a church get-togevah at a park for volleyball and frisbee.
I brought out me frisbee-disk type thing which is always amusing. We sang at someone’s house
and then the power went out and some continued to sing hymns by candlelight.

Sorry if you tried to watch the 1st episode of El Supergustoso and had technical problems.
Perhaps the WMV version
(24 MB) of the video will work out better for you.

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