It just occurred to me to search google for cm avi or cm mpeg to find
commercials. Why didn’t I think of that before?

Remember those Strawberry Shortcake dolls whose belly you’d squeeze and
blow a strawberry smell? It smells like that in here right now.

Nice. Play Super
Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
in your web browser.

We had ordered a super-cheap wireless router that was going to end up
$5 after rebate from justdeals.com. $12 shipping. Gotcha! Came in plain
white box with no bar code so we can’t fill out the rebate. Gotcha!
Came out to $40. Bit more than it was supposed to be. Ordered cheap
to TV Guardian, ProtecTV for $20. Requires a VCR to work with TV.
Doesn’t work with component video. Gotcha! ProtecTV website is gone.
A weekend of buyer beware.

Millie’s new hard drive works fine. But her computer doesn’t know it
has a modem.
Modem defeats me. Tried to help cousins install grampa’s new videocard.
His computer doesn’t understand new videocard. Videocard defeats us.

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