Ach, I’m dying of hunger and have no small bills or change. Even if I did,
most things in walking distance from the office have already closed by
3 in the afternoon. The nearest ATM is a quarter mile away (too far for
a quick break.) I guess I’ll just have to be hungry then…maybe I should
stock a lot of non-perishable stuff in my drawer at work.
Hmm, where can you get rare
band T-shirts? I want a Royksopp
I have to send myself e-mails
to remind myself what I was doing at work the day before. So when I get
in on Monday morning, it’s like, “Tell me what to do, oh wise Nathan from
Friday afternoon.”
The other day, Vanessa and
I went to Hinkle Family
Fun Center
briefly to see their DDR games. We tried DDR Max 2 (the
new Playstation 2 level DDR) We threw in $2 and lasted about a minute because
it now has holds on some beats and we didn’t know. It looks like a series
of super-fast steps so I was frantically trying to step to each overlapping
arrow. We saw some kid playing 5th mix. He was doing the Drop Out song
which is hard enough on normal mode. But he was in Maniac difficulty on
two pads at once. Yikes. That’s 8-feet difficulty. Hm, your DDR is pretty
good. Will you teach me the way of the 8 feet of fury?
Apprentice, you must see
past the arrows. You must feel the rhythm in your mind. You must know the
arrows before they approach.
Went on a mountain bike ride
in the foothills with my brother yesterday. We went out in the hottest
part of the day. I just got a camelbak
but it tastes like plastic or soap or something. Hopefully that will go
away in time. Ethan fell once but was only scraped. I managed to pedal
more uphill than I usually do. Fun time.

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