I walked around downtown Albuquerque with the PDA looking for wireless
I picked up a signal on 4th and Central but I couldn’t connect to the
web through it.
Maybe it’s encrypted. Anyway, nothing like walking around looking like
a Trekkie dork
with a tricorder. he he

CompUSA was having a super rebate on CompactFlash wireless ethernet
so we obtained one for the PDA. It uses the battery like crazy. I think
it could drain it in half an hour. Ya know, in the game Rise of
you must advance your empire through a series of scientific advances
from the discovery of metalworking to the later discoveries such as the
but the final scientific age is 300K streaming video
in the bathroom. Woot!
Now to scan downtown for non-WEP connections. So far, I know there
isn’t one at my

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