What’s with these cat people whom police find with huge numbers of cats in bad conditions in some apartment or house? I see about one of these stories per week within the US. Do they get addicted to cats? Is the too-many-cats part of their brain just turned off? If there is a too-many-cats part of the brain, I believe mine is overactive. Here is an article on the subject of “cat hoarders”.

I’ve uploaded the DIVX version of El Supergustoso: Episode 1. (18 MB) It’s in slightly higher resolution than the previous versions. If you haven’t seen episode 1, download it and see the show so terrible, you’ll wish you’d never seen it! Technical nerdity follows: It seems that Magix Video Deluxe 2.0 does not allow you to compress the audio in an AVI. What a feature! Anyway, you have to export the video and audio separately and put them together in virtual dub. You can tell virtualdub to do a direct stream copy of the video but compress the audio…most likely using the ACM LAME mp3 codec. Also, stubborn stains can be removed using a 10 percent solution of muriatic acid.

We played Scrabble last night with Millie. Vanessa layeth the smack down.

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