I was just remembering a humorous event recently when we were at American
Home Furnishings or somesuch to buy drawers. When we walked in, there was
some maniacal kid running through an area where there were many small delicate
glass things on shelves. The saleswoman was telling the kid to stay and
trying to soothe him, addressing him as though he were an exuberant dog.
Most humorous it was.
Last night I was controlling
my Windows XP work computer from my Win 98 home machine through a VPN.
Kinda like X-windows. Better than coming in to the office for an emergency.
On my way to work this morning,
there was a pretty bad 8-car
that made me a bit late for work. Thankfully, nobody seems to
have been seriously injured.
you probably don’t need 8 glasses of water every day. (Like anyone actually
drinks that much.)

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