Went to the MVD office nearby during lunch. Strike one. You need your social
security card to renew your license. Of course, I don’t carry it around
normally because one Nathan Alter is enough. I saw a new yellow Cooper
as I walked over there. Love it!
Why do I go to get coffee
specifically because I’m sleepy and then I notice they’re out of regular
but I still get de-caffeinated?
Here’s an interesting article
about store
.  No wonder Target designed with the aisles criss-crossing
all over when they could just make them all parallel. It’s why Wal-Mart
puts a bunch of sale items to your right as you enter the store. So, when
you’re in a large store, remember to turn left when you enter and go straight
to what you are after. (unless it’s to the right 🙂

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