PNM had 85 impactions (lay-offs) in it’s current restructuring
today. Sounds like dental work. Seems like as one word takes on a negative
connotation, they randomly just grab some other unrelated word. From “fire”
to “lay off” to “restructure” to “impaction”. Anyway, nobody in our department
was affected.
Went to the MVD during lunch
to renew my license again. Another strike! I waited in line for a while
and finally get up there. She does the paperwork and I get my license.
Then I walk out and realize I forgot to tell them about my new address
so this license has the wrong address. I decided I didn’t have time to
immediately wait in line again and get it fixed. I called back later from
work and the lady said I should come in soon and that there was no line.
I went back and sure enough, there was a line. I go through it all again
and get up there. She fills out the paperwork with the new address and
I realize the zip code listed is wrong. She voids it for the 2nd time,
fills it out again and finally everything is correct. And all I got was…well
a driver’s license.
Last night before the evening
worship service, I was eating pizza at Winrock mall. Looks like it’s dying
with all the closed stores. Anyway, I saw right-side guy. Vanessa used
to work at Brookstone and said there was an old fellow who walked around
the perimeter of the mall always sticking to the wall on his right…even
inside of stores that he walks by. He still does this with a high degree
of obsession, walking inconveniently close to the place where you scoot
your tray at all of the fast food places in the food court. He looks like

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