They finally replaced me computer at work with one that’s six times faster
than the old one. Finally, no more hour-long waits for documents to load.
I feel as if I’ve been wearing a 20 pound polo shirt at work for the past
two years and now I get to wear a normal T-shirt. (If only the metaphor
were true in real life.)
As an experiment, I’m trying to avoid popular proprietary stuff whenever possible.
Got real alternative, Firefox, and GAIM.
Of course, compatibility forces me to have Microsoft Word, so I still get to
fight with its formatting “features”. I’d use Open Office if everybody else did.
I think at home, aside from games, I’d be ready to move to Linux. However,
aside from the entire game industry moving to Linux, I guess that won’t happen.
Microsoft better make sure some popular OpenDirectX never gets released or all the game
nerds would dump Windows.

I was remembering a while back that, as I was getting into my car,
some guy walked up to me said, “Excuse me sir, do you have any spare change for tobacco?”

What do you call a non-autonomous robot? A nobot? Well,
if so, NASA seems to make a pretty good nobot.
Looks a bit like a Cylon.

The mum-in-law is out of town so we are keeping an eye on her house.
We went over there last night and she has cable. I was hoping
to see some of the more interesting Olympic events like ping pong
or judo. Alas, they are only on late at night or during the day…not prime time.

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