Note to self: Rent Condorman.

Looks like the BBC is thinking of
making its archives available over the net
. Hopefully, this could
mean Dr. Who on the web. Woot!

Yesterday afternoon we went to Budhagers outlet mall between here and
Fe for the southwest kite festival. They were doing synchronized kite
flying to music. There was a very odd band there dressed in kites and
colors playing sort of marching band music. We ate at the Santa Fe
company there. The heat of the chile was quite good. I recommend the
place (if you can get the single person who acts as hostess/cashier/and
a waitress
to acknowledge you.) There was a toystore/arcade/restaurant in the
center too. The arcade had odd old obscure games like Pengo, Eyes, Mr.
Do! etc.

Saturday, Vanessa dropped me off at the top of Tramway where it begins
to curve down into
the valley. I biked down the hill and then biked back up and went home.
That’s quite a long
hill…quite fun to coast down.

Well, it looks like Comcast FTP servers are switched to EVIL again. Try
a webpage on Comcast servers in Mozilla. Grrr.

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